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The Hybrid Diplomacy ALWAYS welcomes insights, festive banter, and especially critical analysis in the comments section. Whenever someone calls out the HD for his sweeping overgeneralizations and/or major lapses in judgement (or compliments him on his ASTUTE analysis), he or she will be placed in the running for the COVETED prize of Comment of the Day.

As there were two AMAZING comments today, a committee was set up in true diplomatic fashion among the HD’s closest confidants and determined JUHA to have the Comment of the Day:

“While freedom of speech is an important right, the bulwark against fascism and just generally a good thing, it is however, not an absolute right, and never has been. There is a normative framework in place dictating what you can say and what you can’t, and there are certain things that simply do not fall into the category of freedom of speech.

The Islam debate is certainly one of those avenues of public debate that doesn’t necessarily need government regulation, but it cannot be unregulated either. There are views that are simply unacceptable in a liberal democracy, and do not fall within the category of freedom of speech. People definitely should be entitled to their views, but espousing them publically should not be an absolute right.

Wilders’ hate speech is a prime example of how certain people try to have their cake and eat it too. He has no problems banning the Quran and isolating Islamist movements from exercising their rights when it comes to freedom of speech (it’s not necessarily a bad thing). But then to turn around and play the freedom of speech martyr card? To use a colloquial expression, “Bitch, please.”” (Emphasis mine because that was legendary).


Written by hybriddiplomat

April 11, 2010 at 21:40