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IT’S NOW’T TO DO WITH ME!: Social Media and International Diplomacy

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“There is a good Yorkshire saying: Hear all, see all, say now’t.”

In regards to the US-UK ambassadors bet on the World Cup game that ended in a tie, the HD suggested they go for Thai food.

Be sure to check out the recent New York Times article on Digital Diplomacy about State Department diplomats Jared Cohen (on Colbert) and Alec Ross.

Select quotes:

To hear Ross and Cohen tell it, even last year, in this age of rampant peer-to-peer connectivity, the State Department was still boxed into the world of communiqués, diplomatic cables and slow government-to-government negotiations, what Ross likes to call “white guys with white shirts and red ties talking to other white guys with white shirts and red ties, with flags in the background, determining the relationships.” And then Hillary Clinton arrived. “The secretary is the one who unleashed us,” Ross says. “She’s the godmother of 21st-century statecraft.”

“Diplomacy is, perhaps, one element of the U.S. government that should not be subject to the demands of ‘open government’; whenever it works, it is usually because it is done behind closed doors. But this may be increasingly hard to achieve in the age of Twittering bureaucrats.”

“The 21st century is a really terrible time to be a control freak,” Cohen said.

“The loss of control you fear is already in the past,” he told me. “You do not actually control the message, and if you believe you control the message, it merely means you no longer understand what’s going on.”


And also from the article: “In July 2009, there was China’s regional-information blockade, including a total shutdown of the Internet, following the Uighur uprisings (‘full’ Internet usage was restored to Xinjiang 10 months later).”

In other words, freedom is on the march!

And in conclusion, governments need to realize that losing control of the message is OK.

More on America and the networked world we live in from the State Department’s Director of Policy Planning, Anne-Marie Slaughter.


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July 25, 2010 at 14:40

‎Friends With Benefits: Anglo-American Relations

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This past week the HD had the pleasure of meeting with the US Ambassador to the UK, Louis Susman, and the former Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Nicholas Burns. A write-up on the Burns lecture/meeting is forthcoming but let us turn now to cigar touting, pint pouring “Big Lou”:

On Wednesday moring the Ambassador sat next to the HD as he spoke on a whole host of issues in the Ambassador’s conference room of the US Embassy in London. Of course Embassy staff took a picture so the HD will be sure to post the photo (with the necessary redactions) as it becomes available.

Jokingly, the Ambassador claimed that London was a hardship post and that anyone who worked here deserved combat pay. On LSE, he said a family member attended there for a year and that it was a great place to meet people (“Saudi princes”) and particpate in rambunctious lectures. “Then they lock you up for six weeks” (Summer Term).

On interning in the Political section, he nodded and said “politics is a blood sport here”.

A self-proclaimed “Anglophile from way back”, he said his job was 80% substance, 15% dress up (putting on a fluffy hat and meeting with the Queen) and 5% sleep.

Commenting on the recent Northern Ireland violence, he said that people are tired of killing each other and that they care about jobs. That was a throwback to what the HD has always been saying about the Troubles in Northern Ireland— it was never about religion and was always about economics. Religion was the cover and economics was the underlying theme. But with the parades of Orangemen and the resulting violence, the Ambassador said “everyone drank too much which tends to happen in Ireland.” He also spoke briefly on the new austerity budget and the cuts facing Northern Ireland.

The Ambassador has had roughly 12-14 meetings with the Muslim community in the UK on counter radicalization. Hey, somebody tell them to contact the Quilliam Foundation!

On his preparations for becoming Ambassador to the UK: first he said yes to the President after “flunking retirement”. He was already an Anglophile but that “nothing can prepare you”. “It helps to have life experience” (he was a banker) but that it is mostly “on the job training”. The Foreign Service Institute puts on a two week crash course for all incoming ambassadors where he met the Secretary of State, major management players, and “the spooky guys of the CIA”.

On the Special Relationship: the media are constantly try to attack the Special Relationship and put down the US or the UK. Examples include Obama removing the Winston Churchill bust. What the media didn’t mention as prominently was that he was replacing it with a bust of Abraham Lincoln who had much more of an effect on his life. In addition, in regards to the BP oil spill, he said it wasn’t a country to country thing. This was a case of country to corporation. “When you are in the pub with your counterparts, remember the special relationship”.

On private sector vs. public service: working with government employees, he was stunned at the quality and competence of those in the Foreign Service. (Maybe he had really low expectations!). Public service careers don’t give you a lot of money, but does provide for a nice living and it’s a good life expereience. You gotta love what you are doing. The ambassador gets the same briefing as the President and “knows things I wish I didn’t know”.

On law school (the Ambassador attended Washington University in St. Louis): “In your first year, look to your left and your right. One of you won’t be here.”

On working at an investment bank: “In your first few years it’s 100 hours a week and less money per hour than someone who flips burgers”.

On coalition government: told the president that it was the best thing that could have happened because it would be 3-5 years of stability. The alternative was paraylsis and snap elections a few months later. With a 70 vote majority, Cameron has flexibility and the ability to “give in to the coalition” when it is politically convenient. He likes both Prime Minister Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Clegg. He works with them often but that “it is curently a honeymoon period right now”. The Ambassador will be traveling to DC next week when PM Cameron is meeting with President Obama.

On newspapers: “The newspaper here are WILD”. Everyday he reads the Financial Times (for finance), the Telegraph (equivalent of Republican perspective), the Guardian (equivalent of Democratic perspective), WSJ, Daily NYT (“Don’t ask how I get it or how much it costs to be delivered to me”).

Political diplomats told him to read the Sun as it is most read newspaper in the UK with 3 million people reading it. “CRAZY… The political diplomats told me ‘DON’T LOOK AT PAGE 3!'”. He also said “Daily Mail… crazy”. The HD has been reading the Sun ever since THIS STORY.

This post is UNCLASSIFIED.

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July 16, 2010 at 00:01

Juhaha: Blown Up and Away by Marc Sageman’s “Brilliant Lecture”

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Juha, the HD’s resident EXPERT on all things political violence, attended the Marc Sageman lecture and offered his immediate pre-blog analysis below. Be sure to check his blog for the FULL WRITE-UP in the coming days… Unfortunately the HD couldn’t attend.


‘Understanding terror networks’ was the topic, i.e. understanding the emergence of extremist violence in Western societies. He was articulate, detached and generally quite thoughtful in presenting his argument. A rare pleasure when going to think tank events on terrorism. Knew the man by reputation but seeing him speak live was a treat.

Here’s a few bullet points on how I understood his lecture:

-Political violence normally emerges in a specific counter-cultural context, which entails a active core group who has utopian ideal of what society should be like, and rejects the society and the culture which it inhabits (and if they are foreigners, also their parent society/culture).

-This leads to two types of ‘radicalisation’: violent extremism (think particularly nasty political actors which do not exhibit violent behaviour) and extremist violence.

-These active groups emerge from counter-cultural blobs (a loose, amorphous group of people) which share a feeling of alienation from their host society, who do not necessarily act upon it, and the groups are lead by societal entrepreneurs, who share a feeling of moral outrage by the failure of the non-violent forms of the counter-culture to have an impact. Hence, the go from violent extremism to extremist violence.

-These social entrepreneurs become the guardians of their imagined communities, develop a martial identity and essentially become self-perceived ‘soldiers’.

-Their activities are shifting more to the online domain, which has also seen the inclusion of females and adolescents to these active groups, some of which exist solely online and produce ‘lone wolf’ attacks.

I think those would be the main points.

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July 13, 2010 at 23:47

I’m Not A Playa– I Just Punt @ Pimm’s O’Clock

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At the kind invitation of The Dynasty (or Creighton University’s most storied alum), the HD ventured up to Cambridge for some Jeff Feagles’ style punting on the Fourth of July!

“The Second Day of July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.”-Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 3 July 1776

“There is nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed with what is right with America.” -President Clinton

“There is nothing wrong with America.” -the HD

“The one thing that IS wrong with America is the mere existence of quotes that even suggest that something might not be perfect with America.” -the HD’s Legal Attaché

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July 13, 2010 at 22:59

How Al-Qaeda is Similar to Harvard and Other Interesting Points

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If you have the time, watch the entire lecture. But if not, here are the interesting bits:

Around the 19 minute mark: How Germany, France, England, Canada, Australia, and boredom cause terrorism!

Around 33 minutes: How Al-Qaeda is like Harvard!

Around 1 hour 21 minutes: what is going to defeat terrorism? PROBABLY DRUGS, SEX, AND ROCK AND ROLL!!!

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July 11, 2010 at 23:37

A Lot of Action Next Week, A LOT OF ACTION!

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Ambassador Nicholas Burns is speaking at the LSE on Tuesday the 13th at 6.30pm on the “Global Challenges for Europe and America” (so basically the global challenges for America… The HD kids, he kids, he just makes a little joke).

He is speaking again at the House of Commons the following day on “The U.S. Perspective on Afghanistan and Iran”. Both events are not to be missed! The HD will be rolling with his usual entourage so be sure to holler if you see us! As Under Secretary for Political Affairs at the State Department, Ambassador Burns was the third-ranking official after the Secretary of State and the Deputy Secretary of State.

ADDED: Be sure to skip lunch and catch Marc Sageman speaking (quote: “Afghanistan is not in our vital interest – there’s nothing for us there.”) on “Understanding Terror Networks- The Turn to Political Violence” at the House of Commons on Tuesday the 13th at 1pm! If you can’t skip lunch, read his book at your desk! The HD has been led to believe that Juha will be in attendance. His academic specialty is political violence so the HD looks forward to some festive questions!

K’naan ft. Nancy Ajram – Waving Flag [FIFA World Cup 2010]

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The Arabic version!

And the HD apologizes for missing this GEM from the US-Algeria game: “Bill Clinton was at this game, probably reflecting for 92 minutes that he scored more often than this lot.”

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