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Worldwide Delivery in 30 Minutes or Less… Or the next one is on us!

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The HD watched the much anticipated Countdown to Zero (the documentary without an agenda LOL/JK) last night. Although quite short (approximately 80 minutes), the film helps to scare the sh*t out of viewers without providing a realistic, comprehensive solution towords a world free of nuclear weapons. One learns that the world could be destroyed in the time it takes to watch an episode of LOST (WITHOUT COMMERCIALS)! We have to go back, Kate! WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!!!

The movie features some prominent players, including Fair Game Valerie Plame, calling for no nukes and international bodies to handle highly enriched uranium and plutonium. Yet the movie doesn’t deal with the question of rogue states like Iran and North Korea (and states that “just want to see the world burn”). How do we deal with the necessity of cutting American and Russian nuclear arsenals while convincing rogue states to do the same and/or not develop nuclear weapons in the first place? Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t deal with that. Without incentivizing every single country that it is in their national interest to have a world free of nuclear weapons, Countdown to Zero is really Countdown to Our Demise! As countries unilaterally cut their nuclear arsenals, each nuke becomes more valuable. If one were to pursue the ideal Countdown to Zero, then at the end the man with one eye nuke would be king!

START ribune’s Ross Monten vs. Washington Post’s Charles Krauthammer

AND THE WINNER IS??? Colonel Willie Sharp: Get off… the nuclear… warhead.


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December 1, 2010 at 03:31

Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings

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—August 6th and 9th respectively—

For the first time a U.S. official (Ambassador to Japan John Roos) attended attended the annual ceremony in Hiroshima. But in light of the future casualties saved (both American soldiers and Japanese civilians), as well as President Truman sending Stalin a message after Potsdam, President Bartlet on possible future atomic confrontations:

“Hans Bethe wrote, ‘If we fight a war and win it with H-Bombs, what history will remember is not the ideals we were fighting for, but the methods used to accomplish them. These methods will be compared to the warfare of Genghis Khan who brutally killed every last inhabitant of Persia.’”

Ronald Reagan: “A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.  The only value in our two nations possessing nuclear weapons is to make sure they will never be used.  But then would it not be better to do away with them entirely?”

Ronald Reagan: “Indeed, I support a zero option for all nuclear arms. As I’ve said before, my dream is to see the day when nuclear weapons will be banished from the face of the Earth.”

Reflection in Hiroshima:

“There is no point in apologizing now, after 65 years,” said Akihiro Takahashi, 79, the former head of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and a survivor of the bombing, who has spearheaded the effort to bring Mr. Obama by writing four letters of invitation. “We want President Obama to see with his own eyes what really happened here. This will give him stronger willpower to eliminate nuclear weapons.”

“Japan has its past, too, including Pearl Harbor,” said Akeo Fuji, 50, who came from Mie Prefecture. “This is not about hating the United States, but about hating nuclear war.”

Inatomi Takashi, 27, of Nagasaki, said “We became prosperous because of America, so we don’t see America darkly.”

Historians say such sentiments are widely if quietly shared in this nation, where the war remains a touchy, often taboo topic. They said the moral ambiguity was one reason for the almost total lack of hostility toward Americans in Hiroshima, now a pleasant city of trolley cars in the shadow of forested mountains.

On the HD’s first tour of Japan, he made sure not to tell any Japanese that the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, was built in the city that most people think he is from.

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August 6, 2010 at 16:31


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The HD has hollered before about a nuclear-free world but a close confidant has said, “Yes, that is ideal but it will never happen.” However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Without letting the perfect become the enemy of the good, Team Obama and Mother Russia are pushing more cuts in nuclear weapons (Rockhound: No nukes! No nukes!), but the Senate is stalling on ratification.

Drunk Diplomacy:

The treaty has been endorsed by six former secretaries of state and five former secretaries of defense from both parties, and nearly all former commanders of U.S. nuclear forces. French Ambassador Pierre Vimont said recently that after diplomats cabled home that the treaty could run into problems, “People ask us, ‘Have you been drinking?’ “

And when you get some free time this summer, read about and see the two latest non-proliferation movies, Countdown to Zero(a movie without an agenda!) and Nuclear Tipping Point (order the free DVD on their website!).

“Every man, woman and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment by accident, or miscalculation, or by madness. The weapons of war must be abolished before they abolish us.” President John F. Kennedy

The HD has always advised policymakers that the ideal number of nuclear weapons is zero. When that happens, the HD will reveal his ONE coveted nuke and the Hybrid Diplomat will become *puts on sunglasses* the Hybrid Dictator… YEAH!!!!! In all seriousness though, we should keep at least one nuke in case of what The Bible calls “Armageddon” – the end of all things. In addition, the HD’s backchannels have been abuzz with information that North Korea has released a movie on called “Countdown to Kim” in which Kim Jong-il takes over the globe after everyone else unilaterally disarms!

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August 4, 2010 at 14:45

You can’t say nuclear, that really scares me.

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Could the Middle East become a nuclear-free zone? “If major countries wish to address Iran’s nuclear dossier, they can do that by bringing Israel and Iran to the negotiating table.” -Egyptian Ambassador to the UN Maged Abdel Aziz

Article VI of the TREATY ON THE NON-PROLIFERATION OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS (Signed at Washington, London, and Moscow July 1, 1968): “Each of the Parties to the Treaty undertakes to pursue negotiations in good faith on effective measures relating to cessation of the nuclear arms race at an early date and to nuclear disarmament, and on a Treaty on general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control.”

Watch this amazing trailer for the movie, Countdown to Zero, with footage of Presidents Obama, Reagan, and Kennedy dubbed over epic inspirational music in the second half.

And watch this amazing mash up by the Daily Show between President Reagan’s and Obama’s statements on nuclear weapons.

And the Doctor of Diplomacy himself, Henry Kissinger, on the effort to be “Toward a Nuclear-Free World”.

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May 13, 2010 at 19:03