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What is Going on in Thailand?

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Read about “Thailand’s Escalating Violence” here by Joshua Kurlantzick, Fellow for Southeast Asia at the Council for Foreign Relations.

Select quote: “Most critically, there has been a fundamental change in Thai politics, in which the poor and those alienated from institutions like the army, civil service, and palace finally have demanded their rights. If the middle class and elites do not recognize that Thai politics has changed, and that they must change along with it, more demonstrations will break out, perhaps in the run-up to the next election–set for the fall, but still uncertain. Further bloodletting of red shirt demonstrators is not likely to calm the situation.”

And Michael Yon, an amazing citizen-journalist, has left Afghanistan to cover the situation in Thailand. He has been on point with EVERYTHING on his Twitter and Facebook. Check it out.


Written by hybriddiplomat

May 16, 2010 at 18:52