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Absolute LAWLESSNESS in London!

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(via DiploPundit): Shoplifting, drunk driving, robbery, sexual assault, death threats, human trafficking, AND bad parenting?!

“But perhaps the single biggest offender – albeit on less serious allegations – is the US, which has run up £3,821,880 in unpaid fines incurred in a seven-year diplomatic stand-off over the congestion charge… Russia also owes Transport for London £3,204,990… Japan owes £2.76m… Afghanistan owes £34,780…”

A US embassy spokesman said: “The US embassy in London conscientiously abides by all UK laws, including paying fines for all traffic violations, such as parking and speeding violations. Our position on the direct tax established by Transport for London in 2003, more commonly known as the congestion charge, is based on the 1960 Vienna convention on diplomatic relations, which prohibits the direct taxation of diplomatic missions.”

Hey, the HD has relied on the Vienna convention NUMEROUS times!!


Written by hybriddiplomat

July 2, 2010 at 09:14