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1.  The Death Race Board met with the Governing Body last night.  You are screwed.   You have been betrayed and you will pay for the mistakes of a few. There are a few people who have failed to turn in their article.  If they do not complete this task everyone will be swimming.  Athletes who fail to do article will still do 12 mile swim.  We will be sending you the list of the individuals that did this to you.
2.  New mandatory gear list – pink bathing cap,  certified life jacket, a black compression shirt, needles, thread, and a clipping from a Bonzai Tree.
3.  The race will start Friday morning at Killington Peak.  If you start late it’s your problem but please understand you will miss the first cut off.
4.  Plan on staying until Tuesday.  Adjust your travel plans.
5.  Please submit the forms you received from the State of Vermont.  These forms must be turned in by Friday at the end of the business day.  Please fax them to the State office as you won’t be able to race unless they have the forms from each athlete with the signed waiver.

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June 5, 2012 at 19:23

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